Special Camera Angle

This is a video edit from a full 360 degree camera that shows a intermediate  2019 sequence.

World Championships 2019

This was the first look at the marked aerobatic box at the 2019 World Aerobatic Champiuonships in Czech Republic

2019 World Championships 4th flight

This was the 4th trip of the World Aerobatic Championships held in Czech republic.

360 Degree Video

I have just started playing with a 360 Degree video camera.  Use the mouse to move around the view or on a phone swipe with your finger to just move the phone around.

Practice Session

Intermediate Free Known Sequence 

Outside Pushing!!

These are not for the feint hearted!

Harry Jones (11 Years Old)

This is a small video of Harry Jones taking his Aerobatic Experience like a real man!  Kept asking for More!!

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith from the Kings Arms 

Outside Push Over Ludham

Outside push over !

Fathers Day Flight!

This was some of the highlights of a Fathers Day Flight.

Aerobatics - Loop with quarter roll on downline

Here is a loop over Ludham with a quarter turn to line up with airfield below

Half Cuban

This is Flying a half cuban.  Aerobatics that are fun to do!

Fun Moves

Some fun moves

Extra 200 2 Quick Rolls

Two full deflection rolls

Extra 200 Roll with a view from the wingtip

Single Roll with wing tip camera

Old Christen Eagle Video

This is the old Christen Eagle - SomeExtra 200 Clips coming soon!

Chisten Eagle with 3 camera angles

Check out this great video