A Typical Aerobatic Experience

This is a video that shows the sort of moves you can expect to  do on your aerobatic experience.  There is a commentary and it does give a good feel.

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Prepare for the ride of your life....

Upon arrival at the airfield you will be introduced to the features of the plane and receive a preflight briefing.  

Getting strapped into the front seat with the 5 point harness will seem like getting into a racing car!  

The engine will be started and given a few minutes to reach temperature and then off you go....

A brief take off roll and a climb away from the airfield to safe aerobatic height will give you time to take in your surroundings and see local points of interest.  Having got used to flying the area and getting a feel of the aircraft we should be ready to start the aerobatics ....

First up is a very easy roll which is the most gentle way to see the World from Upside Down ..... then after a few seconds and when you are ready we should try the "Loop" . here we pull the stick back - the nose rises and continues to rise until we see the Earth coming around and then its over before it started!!  The loop will probably take 3 - 3.5G!  Next up will be the fabulous "Stall Turn" where we enter at speed and pull up to the vertical and wait.......  wait..... wait for the speed to almost dissappear of the scale then its full rudder to bring the plane vertically downwards... the Pilot is looking for a reaction here a laugh or a scream usually confirms the passenger is ok!

From here on we can do many other fun moves and can even join them up into a small sequence - be rest assured that afer each move the Pilot will ask.."Ok for next?" and will keep you fully advised of whats coming next.   

"i'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" stops the aerobatics at any time you need a breather and normally we are just a couple of minutes away from the airfield.

When we have used up our aerobatic fuel it will be time to return to the airfield for landing and debrief!

Prepare for the ride of your life....


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This is  the Aerobatic Experience but with a Video  created from on board cameras.  Videos and Pictures can be uploaded to facebook or youtube! So you can re live the moment

Terms Of Carriage

Very Important Information

The flight is not carried out on a "Commercial Flight" basis and the Pilot is not a "Commercial" Pilot.

The Flight is carried out under the approved "Cost Sharing" basis and all monies go towards the cost of the operation.


Safety is the number one priority and flights will only take place in suitable weather conditions.  Aerobatics will be carried out at a very safe height and well above the minimum dictated.

Re- live the moment and include the video / photo package


Video / Photo Package for £30

Ensure that your memories last forever by taking out the Video / photo package for just £30 extra.  The flight will be recorded and a edited video featuring the highlights will be uploaded to facebook or youtube or recorded as a mp4 file to a dvdr.  Several photos will be taken from the footage and also made available.