Frequently Asked Questions


Where does the flight take place from

The Flight takes place from Luham Airfield, near Potter Heigham in Norfolk.  There is a map on the "Contact Us" page which shows how to best approach the airfield

Are there any age restrictions?

All ages are welcome but realistically a passenger needs to be 9 plus and in good health

What are health considerations?

A passenger needs to be in good health for a full aerobatic experience.  If in doubt consult your docter!  It is possible to make thej flight very gentle with minimum stress but that will mean flying very simple rolls etc.

What "G" forces are involved?

Typically we are all pulling 1G when we are in touch with the ground!  Whilst the plane is cerified for +10 and -10G we will normally pull a maximum of 3.5G but majority of moves can be completed with 2.5G

Do you have to do aerobatics?

Its your trip and you can take a simple sightseeing flight if you wish.

How can I book?

It's best to call 01493 369138 or 07920 143486 to make your booking.  I will normally confirm the weather is suitable a day before where possible or on the day itself to prevent any wasted journeys - but of course flights can ony take place when it's safe to do so


What weather can we fly in?

TWe need a decent cloudbase with reasonable visability to ensure that the passenger can fully enjoy the trip.  Wind up to 25mph may be ok depending on direction.

How many people can fly

The plane has two seats and the passenger is in the front!

How long is the flight?

A aerobatic flight from engine start to engine off will last around 30 minutes.  

Can I do group bookings?

Group bookings are fine and passengers can be flown at the rate of 1 per 50 minutes allowing for briefing and getting in and out of the plane.

Is this a commercial flight?

The pilot is not a commercial pilot and the flight is being conducted on a "Cost Sharing" basis with no profit being made for the flight.

Can I take Control?

I am happy for a passenger to have a go on the controls when at a safe height!